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Tracts and Subdivisions

For many home buyers, the desire to purchase a home includes the goal of buying a home in a beautiful subdivision or master-planned community. These may be well-designed communities that include parks, amenities and other benefits that families will love. Generally, subdivisions are properties that have been designed by a developer who originally purchased a large tract of land and who subdivided it into smaller lots as well as common areas for the community's residents to enjoy together. Depending on the age of the community, a buyer may purchase a lot from a developer and build on the lot, or a buyer may purchase an existing home from a private owner.

Regardless of whether a buyer is purchasing land to build a home on or an existing home, there are benefits associated with purchasing title insurance. In fact, if a buyer is financing the purchase through a mortgage company, the lender may require title insurance because of the many benefits it can provide. Title insurance is designed to protect a buyer from financial losses that may result if there are other claims on the real estate. Initially, there will be a title search to determine if the property is currently free of liens and claims. The lender may require all disputes to be cleared up before the purchase loan can be finalized.

At closing, the escrow company will issue a title insurance policy. This policy will remain in place as long as the original loan is in place, and it will provide financial compensation to the property owner if another claim arises on the property. For example, if someone else lays claim to the property after closing, the title insurance will provide compensation to the property owner for legal expenses related to the claim. The title insurance may also compensate the property owner if the property is lost because of the claim. Because of this, this type of insurance may prevent the property owner from experiencing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses and financial loss.

The time to open title with an escrow company is as soon as you decide on a property that you want to buy. It will take time to research title and to clear disputes, if any, so there is no time to delay.


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