Using Escrow in Vacant Land Purchases

Using Escrow in Vacant Land Purchases

Land in Southern California is in high demand, and you may have your vision focused on buying one or more parcels of raw property. This may be land that is zoned for residential, commercial or even agricultural purposes, and you may have specific plans to develop it, to hold it as an investment or to complete other specific plans.

Buying Vacant Land in Southern California

When buying vacant land in California with cash or with a loan from a lender, escrow services are important and the escrow partner you select for your transactions should be held to the highest standards. At Boulevard Escrow, we proudly serve the entire Southern California area, including Encinitas, Long Beach, San Diego and other communities throughout the state with escrow services that meet the high standards you demand.

The Boulevard Escrow Process

Our escrow services for raw or vacant land are similar to our services for developed land transactions. For example, we hold funds for the transaction in escrow until the time arrives for them to be disbursed. An example of this is the good faith deposit that you make when the sales contract is accepted. This often is held in escrow until the closing. Another example is the mortgage funds from your land loan. These funds may arrive in our office on or close to closing day, and we will disburse them to the appropriate parties. This may include the seller, the seller's mortgage company and third party contractors, such as a land surveyor or others.

Holding and Transferring Funds in Escrow

Transferring and holding funds are just two of the services we provide in vacant California land transactions. The reality is that some pieces of land may have a title dispute in place, and this means that someone else other than the seller may claim ownership of that land. We will research all disputes and will ensure that title to the land that you are interested in can legally be conveyed to you and that there are no current disputes in place.

At Boulevard Escrow , we have been assisting local residents with their refinancing and purchasing transactions for many years, and we have a number of excellent services available that can help you with this process. We also utilize advanced techniques and equipment to minimize the risk of related fraud to you, and we go to great lengths to protect the privacy of your information during this process. If you are interested in buying vacant land, now is a great time to contact Boulevard Escrow to learn more about our land services.

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