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Residential Refinance

Many homeowners in the local area will make the decision to refinance their home at some point, and when they do, escrow services are generally needed and beneficial. A refinance provides a homeowner with the great opportunity to lower a mortgage payment, to adjust a loan term so that it is more advantageous for financial goals, to reduce interest charges and to take advantage of other benefits. The refinancing loan process replaces the current loan with a new loan, and therefore, the lender will require a new title commitment.

During the buying process, the lender reviewed the title policy to ensure that title was free and clear. Any issues that may have come up during the title research process likely were required to be dealt with before the buyer purchased the property. However, new issues may have come up during the period of time between the purchase date and the owner's plans to refinance the property. Therefore, during the refinance process, the lender will review the new title policy to ensure that the title continues to be owned free and clear. The new lender will require the title to be free of encumbrances, and any new issues that may have arisen will need to be cleared up before closing. This includes liens, disputes and more. The title company will assist you with all aspects of ordering title and reviewing the new title policy.

The new title policy will replace the title policy that was ordered at the time of the original property purchase. This policy will include insurance that protects the property owner from losses related to title disputes and other related issues. The policy will remain in effect until the property owner sells the property or until he or she refinances the property again at a later date.

If you are planning on refinancing your property, it is important to begin working with a title company as soon as possible. In the event issues do arise in the title search, you will need time to clear up the issues so that you can move forward with your plans to refinance the property.


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