Escrow for Short Sales

Escrow for Short Sales

A short sale is a special type of real estate transaction, unique because the seller is selling the property for less than he or she owes on the mortgage. In order for the title to be released on the property and transferred to a new buyer at closing, the existing mortgage must be released by the lender. Typically, this occurs when the mortgage is paid in full. However, in the case of a short sale, the lender will agree to accept less than what is owed. This is a special escrow situation that requires skill and experience to navigate, and you can rest assured that our team at Boulevard Escrow has the know-how to successfully close your short sale transaction anywhere in Southern California.

How We Serve Our California Short Sale Customers

There are many steps that must be taken with a short sale escrow transaction before and during closing that will facilitate the expedited closing of the deal. For example, the seller's lender should agree in writing to the short sale and should be aware of the terms of the short sale before closing. At Boulevard Escrow, we have been handling short sale transactions for years, and we know what it takes to get the job done. We also use advanced technology with state-of-the-art encryption and security features to keep all parties safe from fraud and other types of criminal activities.

How Boulevard Escrow Can Help Your Short Sale

Through our office in Encino, our escrow agents at Boulevard Escrow will guide you as the buyer or the seller through the short sale closing process with ease. Through our experience, we know about pitfalls and snags that are common with these types of deals, and we know how to minimize the risk that your transaction will run into an issue. If you are planning a closing for a short sale escrow transaction, look for an escrow agency that has special experience in short sales. Contact one of our friendly and helpful escrow agents at Boulevard Escrow today for assistance with your transaction.


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