Escrow for Residential Sales

California residential sales escrow company

Escrow for Residential Sales

In California, most real estate transactions are facilitated by a neutral third party called an escrow company. Many buyers and sellers view the escrow process as a bit mysterious, but it is not as confusing as it seems. Escrow refers to the process through which funds or a deed is deposited by one party and delivered to another party once specific actions take place; until the residential sale is completed.

At Boulevard Escrow, our escrow service is designed to give buyers, sellers, lenders, and other parties in a residential sale assurance that no property, money, or documents will change hands until all agreed-upon terms have been met. Buyers and sellers must both agree upon the escrow company and provide written escrow instructions which we will follow to the letter before ownership of the property is transferred.

When you choose Boulevard Escrow as your escrow holder for your residential real estate sale, we will protect the interests of both parties according to the escrow instructions. Throughout the escrow process, we will:

  • Manage funds and documents based on escrow instructions
  • Pay bills as authorized
  • Order title search, payoff statements, and other necessary documents
  • Respond promptly to requests from involved parties
  • Secure the release of liens on record
  • Close escrow when all conditions and terms are met
  • Distribute funds and documents based on instructions

Boulevard Escrow Services, Inc. offers residential escrow services throughout California with a focus on efficiency and customer service. We follow California law and the guidelines of the NAMB, CFPB, and CARR and we are a proud member of the National Escrow Association. Contact us today at (818) 528-6711 or click here to open a residential sale escrow account.


We are a highly secure, California licensed escrow company. You can be confident that your transaction will proceed smoothly at every step.

We ensure your escrow transaction is secure and easy.

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